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Die Cutting Equipment Manufacturer

Hadesheng is a leading die cutting equipment manufacturer in China. Dies are generally used to create custom items by cutting or shaping them often using a press. Our company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of a variety of die cutting tools and equipment. Our product line includes, cover rotary dies, magnetic cylinder and flexible dies, flatbed dies, hot stamping dies, printing cylinders, and QDC tooling and die cutting machines. These machines can be used for something as simple as cutting and creasing cardboard or be used to make precise components of complex technologies. Our precision die cutting equipment is used in various industries such as, electronics, communication, computers, printing, packaging, medicine, aviation, chemicals, automobiles, and energy production. We not only provide a complete line of die cutting machines and tools but we also offer complete die cutting solutions to meet any requirement. For more information, please contact us.
    1. Rotary Die

      Compared with flatbed die, the rotary die (or cylindrical die) cuts faster and works for more intricate products.

    1. Magnetic Cylinder and Flexible Die

      The roller can be used repeatedly and you just need to change the flexible die to process different products.

    1. Flatbed Die

      This type of die cutting tool is precise, durable, and economical, therefore is a good choice for small batch production.

    1. Printing Cylinder

      Our printing cylinder adopts quality aluminum alloy material, globally popular hollowed design, and imported bearings.

    1. Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine

      The automatic rotary die cutting machine has two operating systems. The operation may involve or not involve the use of a sensor.

    1. Intelligent Die Cutting Machine

      It features powerful functionality, user friendliness, and high security, bringing customers better experience.

    1. Three-Station Rotary Die Cutting Machine

      The reeling tension and the rotation direction of the reeling and unreeling shafts are allowed to be adjusted according to production demand.

    1. High Precision Die Cutting Machine for RFID Labels

      This multi-purpose die cutting machine comes with an ultrasonic inspection device which can inspect the material roll diameter in real time during material feeding.

  • Solutions
  • Solution Content
    1. Making the die cutting design scheme together with customers
    2. 2D drawing making
    3. Die cutting layout designing
    4. Die cutting tool designing

    Diversified Services
    1. On-site machine setting up service provided by our technicians
    2. Technician training service
    3. Free technical support to help customers solve technical problems

    Our Advantages
    1. As a professional die cutting equipment manufacturer, HADESHENG has a diversified industrial chain and possesses the ability to design and manufacture die cutting tools, die cutting machines as well as molds.

    2. Our company has experienced engineers and is able to offer one-stop service to provide customers with the complete set of equipment for die cutting.

    3. We have an excellent research and development team which can provide long-term technical supports for customers.